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Fighting in a market where the biggest Harcourts franchise in Queensland dominated and Ray White had consistent big market share posed a challenge to boutique agency Hope Island Resort Realty. The business had achieved consistent results over time but systems and processes, motivation, staff development, prospecting, and achievement of growth goals needed help. Director Craig Pickering reached a point where he was too busy ‘in’ the business not working ‘on’ it. He was not gaining the work-life balance he desired, what was needed was the capacity to share with someone neutral that Craig could trust, someone that could analyse the business and work with him to build the business he knew was possible.






Hope Island Resort Realty (HIRR) was acquired 10 years ago by Craig Pickering – a property developer from Sydney with over 15 years’ experience in that market. The motivation for his move to Hope Island was that he could see an opportunity to provide a service that surpassed what was already being provided.


Craig Pickering is the Director of Hope Island Resort Realty. A fully licensed Real Estate Agent, he holds a post graduate degree in Project Management through the University of Technology, providing him with an exclusive edge for his Clients and the Hope Island team. He has invaluable experience in residential sales and project marketing, after enjoying 15 years as a respected developer in Sydney prior to his Real Estate career.


HIRR knew the market potential and opportunity but in addition to facing stiff competition, it was in need of some improvements to culture and processes to really grow profitably.


As part of the proven 9-week initial consulting program, Cesar Hasselmann got straight to work with Craig, fully exploring every facet of the agency. Together they worked to examine Craig’s personal & professional motivations and goals. Then they shifted focus to identify and confirm the business:

• Needs – eg: prospecting, staff development, systems integration and capability gaps
• Strengths – market presence, reputation, capable team
• Numbers – sales performance, stats for listings and sales, the P&L and other financial reports
• Area Potential – realistic expectations for sales and turnover
• Team Potential – identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team and work with them to develop individual goals and metrics
• Prospecting Process – review what was in place and tailor it to positively effect creation of pipeline and subsequent sales

Upon conclusion of the initial consulting program, and provision of the Consultancy Report and recommendations. AMH was engaged to undertake the implementation of the developed program.


It is all well and good to have a clear report outlining the strategy and requirements. The challenge is in implementing those changes. The ensuing weeks and months saw AMH actively involved in all aspects of the business. AMH worked with the team to train and coach them, developing their pipelines, their prospecting plans and matching their KPI’s and goals to their strengths.

Ensuring all these activities were aligned with achieving the agreed business goals. Regular follow up sessions were focused on preventing the team from developing self-destructive habits that could derail their success.

The developing sales strategies and negotiation processes ensured the numbers were performing correctly and increasing rapidly. Cesar built a strong team around Craig, taking the business from a neck and neck race with a competitor – to nearly double that competitors’ market share. It is now a long way between no. 2 and no. 1, and the future looks bright.

Methodology and Process

AMH was engaged to understand the business, provide external insight as to what needed changing, then work with the team over a defined period to implement those changes in culture, performance, systems, vision and activity.

Step 1 – Agency Consultancy: (4-9 weeks)
• Needs
• Strengths
• Numbers
• Area & Team potential
• Prospect Process
Develop targets and goals to create a budget and solid base business with growth potential.

Step 2 – Coaching Program (18 months)
• Follow up Consulting & Mentoring
• Implementation and monitoring of developed program
• 6 months to implement consultancy gaps
• 12 months to achieve planned results.
Fortnightly coaching and sales meeting (KPI’s for the agents focused on company goals and needs – keeping your business & team accountable.


Resulting from this process, HIRR has dominated the local market place. It has a team of highly professional and motivated individuals that are clear as to their personal and corporate goals and importantly what is needed to achieve them. The business runs smoothly freeing the principal to focus on the things that matter most.

“Cesar’s results have been overwhelming in the past 12 months, achieving fantastic results with new staff…rallying and mentoring the team…building a prospecting process so the team can continue to grow…Cesar has been a fantastic addition to our team, he has been able to do the hard jobs that I can’t do, or don’t want to do – I recommend Cesar to anyone that is looking for someone to mentor and build their team.”

Craig Pickering

Director, Hope Island Resort Realty

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